YouTube a Portal to alternate dimension: IIN Scientists

Startling new findings, by the Internet Guild of Time-Wasters Anonymous, a fledging department at IIN, show that popular video sharing site, Youtube, that has for years now, been luring innocent people into viewing, liking and sharing videos, using a combination of uniquely original cute ­cat videos, and wildly addictive, inane spoofs, could well be a cover for something more sinister.

Unsubstantiated reports by Scientists from IIN, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Youtube is indeed a window to a parallel universe.

Unwitting viewers had been led to believe that the videos on Youtube were just the result of humans wasting time,when, in fact, they are glimpses into a universe which is exactly like ours, except for its alarmingly large cat-population.

This parallel universe is believed to be planning a massive attack on Earth, armed with an impressive arsenal of cat videos, Taylor Swift parodies, and the worst­ as yet,unreleased music video by Korean pop­star Psy.


This new music video is believed to be hundred times more potent than the Gangnam Style virus.

These videos make Earthlings lazy time wasters and prevents them from seeing the obvious and preparing for defence .

Scientists from IIN are currently working to substantiate these claims and if they are able to do so, we would have the first nobel prize winner from IIN finally

In the meantime, Youtube users are advised to embark on a Youtube binge watching spree, as the only way to keep these enemies at bay, is to counter their attacks with a deluge of views, likes and shares , thus keeping the commanders of alternate dimension aka YouTubers  busy .


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