You can no longer Swipe Left On Hindutva supporter men on Tinder

If you are a single man or a married man looking for friends on tinder and you happen be part of the cool hindutva brigade, you are in luck.

Following a directive by a hindutva gang, Tinder has disabled Swipe left option for all Hindutva supporter men. Women who happen to see a profile of such a man will only have two options now, Swipe Right or Super Like.

The Hindutva gang had demanded that Tinder disable swipe left because girls rejecting such pure blooded hindu nationalist was just anti national and not possible.

Most girls swipe left on our profiles the moment they see a Kamal ka phool ,photo of our God Modi or Cows, thinking of us as some kind of creeps. Why should we be punished for being so nationalistic ? We need to change our perception and that can only happen when we force girls to go on a date with us and marry us the next day.

The gang is not worried of any backlash, on the contrary they seem to be prepared for it.

If any girl refuses to go on a date with us after being matched, we would make sure we teach her a lesson. Saying yes and then saying no is not Snanskari.

A bill will be tabled in parliament to make this into a law next week.

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