XMEN might first emerge in India

Some evolutionary theories suggest that the next step of human evolution will be genetic mutation that will give each human being unique superhuman strengths. These strengths will be a direct result of the type of environment humans will be exposed to.

XMEN Might emerge in India

XMEN Might emerge in India

For eg people living in slums of Mumbai India could develop the power to withstand any amount of electric shocks and people living in seattle could develop waterproof skin.More difficult the environment , more powerful the power will be

Going by these theories, scientists suggest that first signs of this superhuman race might be visible in India.The conditions in India are the most conducive for creation of genetically mutated species.

India has good amount of heat and cold, there are traces of pesticides and other toxic products in food ,sufficient enough for mutation but less than what could prove fatal.

India also has one of the most toxic air in the world ,ranking 125 in air quality and scientists believe this air could speed up the mutation by 100%

Some of the specific areas where super humans might emerge are

  • Bangalore–Apart from being an IT hub, this is also the birth place of Rajnikat
  • Mumbai Slum areas–Very likely because of immense pressure of mere survival of human species
  • Delhi–Due to immense use of perfumes and air fresheners, mixed with fumes of cars and trucks
  • Chandigarh–Because of copious amount of chicken eaten. Chicken are more susceptible to mutation and if a mutated chicken is eaten,the chances of genetic mutation double
  • Mogga(punjab)–Because of mythical creature “Pinky–Moge wali”


India might be the birth place of new race,new species and the new rulers of the earth.India might soon be teeming with genetically mutated life forms and we are the proud witness of this huge step in human history


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