Why it was wrong to build T3 terminal

I was thinking, T3 terminal was built for 9000 crores
We could have had Shivaji, Rani Laxmi Bai and Bhagat singh statues in that much amount of money ,but the corrupt congress decided to  build something after the Gandhis. Indira Gandhi International Terminal
Had we invested that in the cultural heritage of India, We would have earned 10X that amount already from the shops  around them…
Planes flying over india would have seen such huge statues and descend down just to see whats up
India would have become a tourist spot finally ….
But NO, congress , like the past 60 years was busy building stuff to name after Gandhis
Finally we have a government that cares, we should be proud of it. Jai Maharashtra , Jai Bharat

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