A Woman caught Alone in a Elevator with a Man, nothing happened to blow your mind

Neha ,a 26 year old executive with an MNC ,recently had a very normal experience when she was going back from work after a long harrowing day. She boarded an elevator on 7th floor and intended to reach the ground floor .

On her descent she was joined by a man in his mid 30s on the 6th floor who too intended to reach the ground floor, which was evident from the fact that he pressed the already selected “G” button on the lift Twice .

But as luck would have it lights went off when they had reached the third floor. At this point the man moved and tried to push the open lift door button to check and even tried to see with his cellphone lights.

Neha said that the man started to breath a little loudly , possibly because he was exhausted or maybe he had a minor panic attack and was feeling claustrophobic .

The lights returned in about 1 minute and the lift reached the ground floor. The man simply walked off .

The reporter reports that there was no reported eye contact between Neha and the man , the man did not make any advances and there was not even a request for number exchange at the end of the lift journey . He did not even bother to ask her name or try to make small talk.

We can very well conclude that this was a very normal and uneventful elevator journey with a minor hiccup. Nothing happened to blow your mind

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