Why don’t Homeless simply stay in hotels asks Abhijeet

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya who recently blamed homeless people for getting killed by Drunk Salman Khan driving a car , has fired another volley.

In his latest tweet he asked why do homeless have to even stay on the streets. Why Can’t they shell out some money and sleep in a cheap hotel?

These homeless people are cheapsters Kanjoos. Why do they have to sleep on the footpath? If you do not have a home just bloody take up a hotel @SonakshiSinha  —Tweeted Abhijeet

He followed it by narrating his own experiences as homeless

I too was homeless when I was renovating my house  But I did not sleep on the footpath, I simply took a hotel . I have enough commonsense to know that it is not safe to stay on the streets.@SonakshiSinha –Tweeted Abhijeet

Many Bollywood celebrities have expressed solidarity with his statements but many have also tweeted him “Get Well Soon” cards.



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