Opinion: Who Needs Democracy Anyways ?

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Over the past one year pseudo-seculars have been shouting democracy, democracy and democracy. They have expressed concerns with Modi’s Accession to the thrown of Indian Prime Ministership and the immense power of No-Nonsense, No-Dissent Amit Shah.

These Sikulars have used the excuse of Democracy to throw brickbats at the BJP government every time it has tried to showcase tough love. To be frank, I am sick and tired of hearing that we are heading towards death of democracy in India.

So I ask finally, Who the F*** needs Democracy anyways? Why do we even need it? Look around you , look at all the Haters, do you think people are smart enough to Vote? People are dumb and idiots and do not even know how to vote and are nothing but a nuisance . They put hindrance in the reform system.Let me explain in detail

People Just Delay the Inevitable

Take for example , the 2014 general elections. Every single person knew that Modi was the next PM, still we wasted so much time in debating . People had to point out the obvious as to how Modi would make India a superpower in less than 5 years b,ut still idiots wanted Debates. The kept flogging the dead horse of 2002 Gujarat riots and forgot the real things such as how Modi was a tea seller as a kid.

They just put hindrance 

Every single policy that people do not like is opposed by people, in-spite of leaders explaining how it is Good for us. Take for example Land Acquisition bill, why do we need permission to take farmer’s land? What exactly is he doing with so much land anyways? Think about how much progress can be done if we setup a car factory there. The farmer can also work in it and be thankful for having a “Real Job” finally.

Detractors -If you were so smart, why do we have leaders?Run the country on your own—Morons

Democracy wastes money

Do you know we spend thousands of crores for each general election? Think about how many poor people can be fed with that money? How many new tanks can be bought, new missiles can be made. We could pretty much attack and walk over Pakistan and not even dent our budget. Why did we even have the General election, we could have simply made Modi the PM and saved that Money. But again the Sikulars would have shouted…Noooo Death of Democracy..what did they achieve by even having it? Did it change anything?..Answer that- Genius

People are Dumb:

People oppose everything. The Maharashtra cabinet, frustrated with frivolous complaints against it’s MPs and MLAs came out with a well thought out law that simply stated that to register an FIR against any MP or MLA you need permission from a competent authority, but people have a problem with his as well. They just said you need permission, not that that you cannot. They are simply setting a process so that the elected representatives can work peacefully. What is exactly wrong in this? This would not happen if there was no democracy, such people who oppose government laws would be caught and simply executed. Good riddance IMHO

People just react for no reason

I am sick of sikulars trying to put a negative spin to everything. So what if some BJP leader said that Hindus should have more kids or suggesting that hindus should rape muslim dead bodies or if the PM made a statement that Ganesha had a plastic surgery . Do you know everything? Has science discovered everything? If Not then shut up, you don’t know anything and let the PM speak. His wisdom and knowledge is far beyond your comprehension. Last time I Checked , He was the PM , not you

It Breeds Dissent and Treason 

Such is the hatered of idiot people these days that before criticizing they forget that they are talking about the PM of India , they are talking about an elected ruler of the country who deserves respect no matter what.

We should be more like North Korea where anyone disrespecting the ruler is executed. Critizing the PM is like insulting him which also means insulting the nation and it should be punishable by death . I sincerely hope that people realize that such dissent can tear apart the nation and is nothing less than treason.

I am happy to see that the nation is now rising against such people , I hope they take the next step and do away with this stupid democracy and we see a return of Ram Rajya and true Achhe Din.

Wake up people , we don’t need democracy , don’t blindly believe that you do just because people like Gandhi and Nehru brainwashed you into thinking that you do

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  1. BJP says:

    brilliantly written

  2. ffg says:

    Modi is messiha ….

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