You would be shocked to know who designed the new 2000 rs Note #Demonetization

India recently demonetized old 500 and 1000 rs notes and also released a new 2000 rs notes that have been lauded for their ground breaking design.

But , you would be surprised to know who designed it.

The designer for the 2000 rs note was none other than our Beloved PM Narendra Modi.

It seems this man, this legend , has no limits on what he cannot do.

One official quoted that

Since it was supposed to be done in complete secrecy, Mr Modi, the most interesting man on earth , picked up the herculean task of designing the new 2000 rs note. The new note is based on Monopoly, which was Bal Narendra’s favorite game

The 2000 rs note was designed using cutting edge technology of Microsoft Paint personally by Prime Minister of India, the most creative man in existence.

If Rumor mill is correct, the new Note would be winning almost all design awards in existence and may even be declared as the best Note by UNESCO in the Note Contest held every year

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