#WhiteAndGold and #BlackAndBlue is the new Racism

Recently a dress became very popular as people did not seem to agree on it’s color. While most people saw it as White and Gold , a minority saw it as Blue and black.

Though it seems it was simply an issue of perception of color by our brains, some groups claimed that this ability to see different color was much deeper.

GOWnG (Group of white and gold) , a group formed by people who saw the color as white and gold , claimed that the color you saw was the color of your soul . People who saw it as white and gold have a purer soul , free of malice and sin while people who saw it as blue and black actually exposed the real color of their sinful soul, claimed GOWnGthedress

Many such groups have started and people have started to hang out with people in same color groups. Landlords in white and gold group have started to refuse to rent our properties to people in black and blue . Families have broken and couples have split.

While people in White and Gold have claimed that they are superior , people in blue and black gang have complained of oppression and harassment . They claim that they have been made fun of and have been labeled by some as “people of color”. Their job opportunities are also shrinking.

These white and gold people do not realize that the actual color of dress is blue and black and there is no difference between people who see white and gold and people who see blue and black–said a blue and black member

People in blue and black have also complained of stereotyping where people in black and blue are considered as sinners and criminals and treated differently .White and gold group though claims that this differentiation is made by God and no one should object.

Experts are now calling it the new Racism.

There were reports of communal clashes in various parts of the world where each group claimed superiority .


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