What PM Modi is not responsible for- List

Ministry has issued a list of things PM modi is not NOT responsible so that Sikulars can stop criticising him

  1. Any Communal violence that happens in a state or a UT
  2. Any farmer suicide that happens in a state or a UT
  3. Any incursions by Pakistan or China
  4. Any financial fraud that happens in a state
  5. Any crime committed by a BJP MP
  6. Safety and security of people when they are in state or a UT
  7. Any crime committed by a Minister
  8. Any promotion or reward given to a minister accused of any kind of crime
  9. Any communal statement by any BJP leader including MPs MLAs or ministers
  10. Any economic mess that is in anyway linked with any other countries actions or global economic climate
  11. Any crime that modi did not do directly with his own hands

What is Modi responsible for?

  1. Any increase in FDI irrespective of it being due to india being an already favorable destination or actual work
  2. Any MOU irrespective of it leading to actual investment
  3. Crowds at PM speeches
  4. Any good work done by any MP , MLA , BJP leader or any leader of any party or state
  5. Fall in global crude oil prices irrespective of if the saving is passed down to consumers or not
  6. Any kind of rise in anything from GDP or FDI to income (only absolute increase not the growth )
  7. Making sure he gets a good picture
  8. Any good thing that happens in the country

It is to be noted that PM will also not be expected to condemn or issue statements about anything that he is not responsible for , hence the country is advised to not expect the same.


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