What is the worth of freedom of speech in GDP increase% , probes panel

The finance ministry is evaluating what is the worth of basic freedom of people in terms of GDP %age growth.

Ministry’s spokesperson said

Say for example we want to take away freedom of speech and want to censor who you can or cannot criticise , at what GDP % increase would people not protest?

The ministry believes this is a great step as it would be able to do its work without criticism or protest if it shows economic progress.

Citing the recent beef ban for which people protested , the spokesperson said that

If we can control what you can and cannot eat and in it’s lieu get india 0.5% extra GDP growth or an extra 100 million FDI ,is it not worth it?

The ministry is currently evaluating the cost of

  1. Right to privacy
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Freedom of religious expression

It hopes that by linking taking away freedom with economic incentives to the country , they would be able to silence the critics


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