What does the cow say? Research 

A group of phonetics have recently received funding from the cow protection ministry to find out what exact sound does the cow produce.

Is it moo, mooooo or mauu.?

The implications of this research are many fold.

For starters, it would help identify the perfect sanskrit word for the cow’s sound and help scientists decipher exactly what the cows are saying.

Many linguists believe that the cow Is actually speaking about the meaning of life and everything but we are too dumb to get it.

Moo might be the first alphabet of the cosmic language.

Cows might teach us the other alphabets when we get the first one.

It is like a mother trying to teach her child. She keeps repeating A A A until the child also says A. MOO is our. A.

It is hard to tell if this is true or not, but what’s the harm in trying.

So moooo

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