Westboro Baptist church seeks Arvind Kejriwal’s Criticism to win support from Indians

Westboro baptist church, one of the most hated church ,infamous for picketing the funerals of dead american soldiers and even babies, is looking for a new home. One of the possible choices for them is India , the land of the not-so-free . To get acceptance among Indian society the church has supposedly hit upon a golden formula , Get Arvind Kejriwal to criticize you. The church’s spokesman said that

We have seen that how Arvind Kejriwal’s criticism can turn a big section of society to your supporters. We were amazed to see how the same people who complained about corrupt and inefficient police suddenly became their supporters , even lauding them , the moment Arvind kejriwal criticized them. The same thing happened in case of media, when AK called media paid. Media can easily be bought in India is an open secret , but as soon as AK criticized them, we saw a huge surge of media support on twitter and facebook.We thought everyone knew it, we were wrong.People are flexible in India, and that is a good thing for us. US has become too inflexible

Apart from revealing their golden formula , westbro baptist church also lauded the front runner for Indian PM Narendra Modi’s party for their stand on Gay issue.

Being gay is wrong and that is why God punishes us. That is why people die in wars . The bible says so ,and we are glad to see that the BJP party too agrees with our philosophy…Said their spokesperson

Westboro Baptist church is confident that with BJP in power , India would remain a Homophobe nation as it is supposed to be, and with AKs criticism, they would get approval of a large section of society, thus making India a perfect home for them.

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