Virginity buyer seeks refund


Natalie Dylan the girl who sold her virginity online

Natalie Dylan ,the girl who sold her virginity online

Some time back a young women Natalie Daylan was in news for offering to sell her virginity on ebay . She considered it  as a simple business deal and reported that ““I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal.”

Though we still don’t understand what she meant by Profit for the buyer

Last known she sold it for a whopping $3.8 million. The name of the buyer is kept secret to protect his identity. We shall call him Mr Farzi

So the news has it that the buyer was not satisfied with the deal and has asked that she refund the money. Mr Farzi claims that he had bought a service (virginity) but he was not completely satisfied with it and did not derive the intended profit out of the deal. He Claims that he did not enjoy the consuming the product as much as he was promised and the quality was sub standard.

As per the US laws if the service rendered is substandard the buyer can seek a  refeund.

Mr Farzi has decided to contact ebay issue resolution center for it.

Natalie Dylan however claims that she did not sell a service but a product(read virginity) and in case of dis-satisfaction, the buyer needs to return the product(read virginity) which in this case is not possible.

Mr Farzi also claims that the use of the service/product has caused him emotional stress and the Service provider (the girl) is responsible for it.

The matter might move to consumer court and our farzi reporter is waiting to see how the consumer court which deals with selling/buying of services such as car repairs , insurance and loans would deal with buying selling of virginity.

Note:This incident never happened..but who knows

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  2. Saulo says:

    lol Farzi you done to sex with her and the virginity was damage. It means you damage the product you don’t have the right to call refund anleast you repair it in a perfect way back to a virgin. but how come? you tears of virginity and asking for more.. go eat your money and sex it.

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