Vatican to Sue Apple over rounded corner rectangular design

After Apple successfully sued Samsung for various patent infringements including “Rectangular design with rounded corners” , Vatican has also jumped into the foray.

Vatican claims that all 3 dimensional shapes including rectangle, circle square or triangle were created by Jesus’s father and no one except Vatican can have the patent over it. Rectangles with rounded corners is simply a combination of two of the shapes invented by the┬áChristian GOD and Apple should be paying Vatican a royalty for using it.

To substantiate it’s claim Vatican pointed out to all the TombStones which also had a combination of circles and rectangles. Apple Sued by vaticanVatican claims that apple stole the idea from the tombstone designs

Vatican has sued Apple for 66 billion dollars for using the shapes and 23 billion dollars for trying to patent what belonged to Vatican.The lawsuit further seeks a ban on all cellphones which are using these shapes without paying Royalty to Vatican.

Apple is yet to respond



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  1. VIPUL JAIN says:

    I also want to sue them..

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