Unnao Gold hunt reveals the biggest Treasure:A Scroll with a message

Unnao gold hunt has ended and revealed  a real treasure , a scroll that reveals the biggest secret of all.

Found below the temple in Unnao UP is a holy scroll made of a secret alloy with the message that can move the masses and change the course of India.. The message is in form of cryptic poetry

See below the translated message

The world is one but divided,

Gods are many but one

All that you see ,all that you want

the treasure that you seek

Is just will of Man

The local priests said that this was the greatest message ever received by mankind and can be compared to the treasures of the world.

Sonia Gandhi has congratulated the ASI team who started the evacuation when a seer had a dream that there was a treasure  hidden beneath the temple.

The seer initially mentioned that there was 1000 KG gold but has now retracted his statement saying that he dreamt of just a treasure, he added gold so that non believers do not object to the digging.



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