Following Rape Incident, Uber Changes it’s Tag line to “As safe as the road”

Following the incident where an Uber Driver was accused of Raping a passenger , Uber had to face a lot of flak for almost non existent background checks.

Apparently Uber did not run Police verification or a simple home visit for the driver, it even got the name of the driver wrong¬†. It claimed that since it was using all “government” id proofs given by the driver , it was not be blamed. It trusted it’s drivers to disclose their criminal records as well.Uber's New Tag Line

But Uber also had to face a lot of flak because it advertised itself as the “Safest Ride on the Road”. In heat of this criticism , Uber has decided to match their tag line with the actual offering “As Safe as the Road”.

Uber CEO said that

We do not want to mislead the customers anymore. Uber has the highest standards of transparency and strictly adheres to it . People in uber cabs are as safe as they are walking on the streets of Delhi and Gurgaon alone , at night. We would be matching these high safety standards

What it means is that you would feel as safe in an Uber cab as you feel on the Road of your city. There would be no additional security cover at all.

But in an Uber cab , the customer is generally alone in a moving vehicle, which can many a times be more dangerous than walking on the road . How Uber will make it’s cabs as safe as the road is yet to be seen

Uber also updated it’s sub heading to reflect it’s motto.


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