Twitter Bans Donald Trump to prevent World War III

Nostradamus had predicted that the third world war would be triggered by a Bird

In this age, that bird could be twitter. Taking heed to this ominous prediction, twitter does not want to take any chances.

Twitter, as we speak, has banned Donald Trump for LIFE  to prevent World War III

It is to be noted that Donald Trump, the President-Elect of United States has come close to starting a world War multiple times with his midnight rant on twitter.

Be is demonizing China, to cozying up to the wrong countries, Trump has changed the entire political landscape with each tweet.

Twitter fears that someday, someone would either take his tweets seriously or he will give the nuclear launch codes publically, pushing the world towards a nuclear war.

Twitter has offered to create a private twitter for the President-elect , where all his tweets would get automatic million retweets and 5 million likes from twitter bots which would mimic his supporters.

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