Treadmill for Cars


Narendra Pandey, and Indian inventor, futuristic and thinker , has come up with a revolutionary new device that will change the way we think about  treadmills completely.

Narendra has designed a patent pending, fully functional, treadmill for Cars. This treadmill, which can be installed in garages , will be strong enough to bear the weight of a normal sized car and also go upto  the speeds of 30 KMph, enough for a light car stroll.

While speaking about his inspiration Narendra said

Treadmills are no longer just fitness equipment but also entertainment and relaxation equipment. In crowded cities , people who do not find spaces to walk usually end up at treadmills . To simulate a real walking experience they even have projectors in front of treadmill with videos of parks and green places.If people who like walking can do this, why cant people who drive?

 Narendra also mentioned that his target market was also people who wanted to be on treadmill but hated walking. This invention would give them both satisfaction of being on a a treadmill and comfort of a car, plus they can do this in groups or with family, something not possible in a traditional treadmill.

The treadmill would also come fitted with a Hi Def projector which will screen your favorite movies or scenes from parks on your garage door.

Treadmil Redesigned

This invention could also reduce traffic as people can now go on a car stroll, right in their garage.

Narendra is planing to start a kickstarter campaign to raise money for production.

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