Why did an IT guy become a waiter at a dhaba???

IT dude becomes waiter at Dhaba to get cheaper house rents

With house rents skyrocketing for IT workers , many IT workers are questioning if their Choice of career is coming in between them and a decent housing.

With many land lords in chandigarh basing their house rents on profession of the tenants, rents for IT workers who are mistakenly thought to be the richest folks in town have skyrocketed to a level which is beyond the means of most

Frustrated with his futile search for livable housing at a humanly affordable cost, Chandu Singh decided to change his profession. He took a leave from his company to become a waiter at a road side Dhaba.

fedup of skyrocketing rents for IT professionals... Dude becomes a waiter at a dhabaSee when I went to Land Lords to get a house , first thing they asked was my Job, I couldn’t hide it because they even asked for my I card.
Every landlord who heard that I was an IT guy jacked up the price by atlas 200-300% claiming that I earned so much, as if they deserved a percentage of my salary.Most houses were not even fit to live in but still these land lords asked for five star prices, as if I live to serve them, as if I earn a lakh per month but basic hygiene and amenities are optional for me…Lamented chandu

So Chandu to become a lowly paid waiter at Nukkad Dhaba in chandigarh

“Now when I ask for a house, I generally get it dirt cheap,
Though the wage is low , I make a decent living from tips and strangely get to interact with more girls than I was in my Software job.
Yesterday night my crush came to the dhaba and i got to know that she loves jalebi, i plan to tell her my feelings with a packet of jalebis once i return to my job”

Last heard chandu is surprised at how cheap the houses actually are.Many IT workers are planning to follow suit and have asked companies to start with a program of “Find a house leaves”

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