TOI to start a new section for Cleavage and UpSkirt Pics

After giving a fitting reply to Deepika Padukon over her Cleavage controversy , Times of India Journalist, Priya Gupta ,has finally revealed the grand Plan behind all this drama: A new Cleavage and UpSkirt Pics section on times of India.

Priya said that this section would be an exclusive section where they will put celebrity Cleavages and UpSkirt pics. She said that these celebrities anyways have posed for various photo-shoots in 2 piece bikinis and even worn them in actual Real life , hence no one should object to this. Objecting to this would be Hypocrisy.

She further claimed that TOI will not using any hidden cameras, thus dissolving itself of any moral responsibility. Special Cameras equipped to take both up skirt and Cleavage pics would be created and whenever possible, the cameraman would be placed at crucial sweet spots (lying on the ground) to get these pics.

New Up Skirt Camera for TOI Correspondents and CameraMen .

New UpSkirt Camera for TOI Correspondents and CameraMen . …”Natasha Bedingfield” by derivative work: Gary King (talk)NBsixflags.JPG: Bobcobb22 – NBsixflags.JPG. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Priya also quoted that it is against freedom of press to try and censor this medium.She further stated that in case some objectionable picture is captured(say someone forgot to wear something underneath ) TOI, Like all responsible dailies would pixelate that part.

TOI also released a statement that

As one of the largest media houses in the world with interests in print, TV, radio and online, we approach each medium differently, as do our audiences. There isn’t a one-fits-all formula for either distributing or consuming content across various media.Online medium now WANTS up-skirt and Cleavage pics and we feel it is our responsibility to give it to them.


Correspondent’s Name Withheld as She fears that TOI might take her cleavage pictures…who knows

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