To Control attrition IT Companies to share data on employee’s code quality

In a hope to control excessive ongoing attrition, IT giants of the country have

measuring code quality

Every bug counts—Companies to share data on your code quality

decided to share more than just employees work details.IT companies have now decided to share any developer’s code quality metrics along with his/her relieving letter. These metrics will be mandatorily attached to the relieving letter and the employee will have to cumpolsorily show that to the new company.In addition to this the companies will also share this information with any potential recruiter of their employees if requested.

IT companies believe this will prevent low performers from leaving the company as soon as the going gets tough and also help them screen potential candidates.

We have seen that in the past many candidates who seemed to have done amazing work in previous organization seem to be performing poorly in our company. On further analysis we found that such developers were bad coders but very smart speakers and used their gift of gab to fool the interviewers. Further we also found that the moment these smart ones were reprimanded by their seniors ,they simply switched to another company This new system will help us in both reducing attrition and screen new candidates

Data that will be shared will range from number of missed bugs,code review comments,severity of bugs and bug fix ratio. This might also help companies decide on potential worth of a candidate and offer a suitable compensation

Most IT companies seem to favor this and have committed to give all the necessary data and support.An online system known as coder-quality-checker aka CQC is also being developed to make the process faster and easier. So next time you do a bad job on your module remember you might be endangering your chances of landing that dream job.

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