Thanking our Teacher :”Times of India” on this #TeachersDay

Today is teacher’s day, a day when you thank your teachers , express gratitude to them, wish them well and hope to get many more teachers like them.

A teacher is not just somebody who teaches you as part of his or her job , but also someone from whom you learn something consciously or unconsciously . It could be your mother , your siblings , your friends , your enemies and even your idols.

Going by this spirit of Teachers day -We at  Farzi News, very very humbly and from the depths of our hearts, wants to thank  Times of India (Lovingly called TOI) for being an inspiration to us.

It is you who inspired us to start this satire news website many years ago , it is you who we draw our inspiration from , our courage , our attempt at plain stupidity.

We have learned so much by your misleading and often “Click Bait” headlines, your attempts at being serious and  your widespread display of female cleavage.

You have made it so hard to detect paid news from actual news and satire from reality . You keep upping the bar (or in traditional sense lowering) every day , making it more and more difficult for satire sites like us to remain relevant.

It is you who gives us the biggest competition ,and we will swallow pride and accept that we aspire to be you. We too want to mix serious news with raunchy stuff, misquote people to make a ridiculous headline(how funny that would be) and make our readers find news by hiding it behind ads that never close(Like a puzzle). We want to make our site too like an unsolvable puzzle.

So here we are saying Thank You , so so much for being there . You are our Hero and we simply love and adore you. We look up to you , we want to be you.

And may we open your secret ?I think you are the biggest Satire news site in existence today in the WORLD, because you are the only one which people have not caught on with. Please Please tell us if we are correct . Are you just a social experiment to see when will people find out?And some birdy sent us your actual hidden logo. Is this correct?

Times of India New Logo

Times of India New Logo


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