Temple Priest arrested after Thief donates 10K to temple #HawalaAtMidnight

Mumbai: In a strange twist of fate ,a temple priest is facing legal action for crimes committed by a thief.

The thief ,as reported, stole a house nearby and decided to visit the temple to thank God for a great loot.

He bought a nariyal with that stolen money and also decided to  donate towards the construction of temple.He donated an amount of 10000 Rs .

The temple promptly gave him receipts for that payment , but as luck would have it , the police  tracked the thief and found that he had donated to the temple.

The temple priest was arrested and charged with Hawala Violation.

The Priest claimed that he is innocent as he did what was required of the law and even issued a legal receipt, he also claimed that he had no way of knowing that the money being donated was stolen ,but the authorities maintained that the priest should have known that the person donating the money was a thief.

They should have done a background check and police verification before accepting money .

If places of worship accept money like this, what would happen to this nation ,asked a police officer


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