Techie-turned-photographer fervently observes ayudh-puja to make his camera take better pictures

Ramesh, a former software engineer from Bangalore observed the navratri festival of ayudh-puja by decorating his camera with flowers and leafs and seeking blessings of various deities to help his camera take better pictures.

In his previous avtar as a software engineer in a major IT company in the city, Ramesh purchased a digital-SLR camera after reading about such a type of camera in a technology magazine. ayudh-puja of camera

Ramesh says the articles in the magazine and various advertisements promised him better photographs if he just bought a DSLR.

“There was a 10% off and also an interest free EMI for 24 months on this model, so I immediately ordered it online”, he says.

As he was waiting for the delivery, he created a Facebook page to promote his photography. Ramesh explains how, when he looked at the delivery boy’s face and the carton containing his camera, he immediately knew photography was his true calling. The next day he tendered his resignation at the IT company where he was working.

Ramesh says he was extremely disappointed to note that his DSLR was not giving him better photos. Also, he feels cheated because “the kit lens that came with the DSLR cannot take photos of objects that are very close – marko or macro as they call it”. And neither could the DSLR take photos of objects far away without needing another lens.

Even with objects in between near and far, the photos don’t look professional, he says. After the usual prayers to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, did not make photos any better, Ramesh decided to fast during navratri and follow all decorative procedures and prayers during ayudh-puja.

FarziReporter: Kailas. Connect with him at Ah Like that or his photography page Claritee Photography . We have reasons to believe that this is his true story

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