Techie diagnosed with Non-NonVeg-itis

Yash Karnik, techie from Hyderbad, age 30 was rushed for medical care after he was caught biting his colleagues.

Yash reported feeling weak, having no taste of food and lack of sleep. While at work ,he suddenly started picturing his fellow colleagues as chickens and started running after them.

Upon being bitten a few times his fellow workers demanded that he get immediate medical attention.

The doctors, at Medicinepally’s A.2.Z Reddy clinic proclaimed this to be one more case yash Karnikof Non-NonVeg-itis.

According to the team of experts ,Non-NonVeg-itis usually surfaces around the months from Jan to March, which is right after the wedding season , when, many bachelors used to McDonalds, KFC and the road side non veg junk food are suddenly forced to have a diet of clean, home-made vegetarian food .

In advanced stages , people can start getting hallucinations and a condition known as chikenofrenzia .

Doctors have prescribed Yash a steady diet of 2 road side chicken biryanis a day, which should provide him with

immediate relief. Medical experts have asked relatives and friends of people facing similar symptoms not to panic and reduce the non veg intake of the patient very very gradually.

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