Taxi-app will now analyze users financial data, will prevent booking saying “aapki aukaat nahin hai”

Mumbai: Leading taxi app Koobar taxi has announced that they will now also provide a feature to customers wherein it will analyze their current financial condition and will prevent them from booking if the ride is too costly for them.

Those who literally cant afford booking a Koobar taxi during their peak pricing will now get a message saying “aapki aukaat nahin hai”, literally translating to “this is way out of your league brother”.

Jagan Saveria regional head for Koobar for Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai provided further details to national media – “Have you really looked at our peak charges? 800 bucks for some 10 kms. We asked ourselves can a common software engineer or manager even afford paying 80 Rs. Per KM? No, only senior business leaders or investment bankers or businessmen can afford it.

Our statistical algorithm will look at your cibil score, bank balance and your e-commerce spend to analyze how much money you can actually spend given your financial condition. It will then classify you into High Net-worth Individual (HNI), “Normal people” and “Poor jacks”. During our peak pricing only HNIs will be able to book the taxi. Normal people will get a message saying “Aapki Aukaat Nahin hai”. Poor Jacks will be asked to uninstall our app from their cellphones.” – Saveria quipped.

UberSurge Pricing outside aukaat

On being asked if Koobar is also planning any low-fare taxi for normal people, Jagan had a hearty laugh for a few seconds and then he got pretty stern. He said – “I really don’t know if you media people don’t get the picture or if you really are dumb. Our taxis are actually low price. They are very low prices. Just that normal people can’t afford even low prices now. That’s the reality of it, and to assume otherwise is pretense of knowledge.” – He ended the press conference.

Koobar is now planning to launch a new multi-crore rupee advertisement campaign in India with tagline “High is the new low.”

High is the new low


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