Banned Baby Names : Tarek Fatah releases list after Taimur

Tarek Fatah , the expert in baby names has released a list of all Banned baby names that cannot and should not be used by anyone. He also stressed that if anyone has a name which is in the list, they should immediately change it.

This is in response to Saif ali khan and Kareena Kapoor naming their baby Taimur Ali Khan which was not pre-approved by Tarek.

Tarek wants to make sure such a thing does not happen again and people are not blocked on him for approvals, hence he has released a list


Is your name in the list?

Banned Baby Names by Tarek Fatah

Banned Baby Names list by Tarek Fatah, the Baby name specialist along with reasons.
Banned Baby NameReason
TaimurFor obvious reasons
MayaBecause of Maya Kodnani, who killed many people in 2002 Gujarat Riots
Osama Osama bin laden
SaddamSaddam hussein
BullaKyonki wo rakhta hai khulla
RahulBecause Tarek does not like him
PremBecause of Prem will encourage the children to become like him
NawazNo child should be named after a Pakistani PM
GeorgeCause Tarek No like George Bush
Babu (This includes calling your lover should not)Because of Babu Bajrangi .murdered many in 2002 gujarat riots
Chhota, Chotu and it's variantsbecause of chhota rajan the gangster
Bada, Bade etcBecause of Bada rajan the gangster
NehaNeha Verma --Awarded death penalty for murder
Rajanbecause of the two rajans
RaviRavi puri --another gangster
ARUNARUN GAWLI another famous gangster
HarshadHarshad mehta the scammer
AbdulAbdul Karim Telgi, teh scamster. Tarek is angry why there is a "Abdul" kalaam marg...there shoul dbe nothing called abdul
TigerTiger memon the mob boss.
Tarek suggests that Tiger shroff change his name immidiately
PappuPappu Kalani. Tarek recommends the name Pappu can't dance sala should ne banned too
Umeshbecause Umesh Reddy was a serial rapist
SantoshSantosh Madhavan was a pedophile
Ajaybecause of Ajay Singh Chautala
RamNirbhaya Rapist
MukeshNirbhaya Rapist
VinayNirbhaya Rapist
PawanNirbhaya Rapist. Ban the song: Kyon chalti hai pawan
TarekEk hi kaafi hai
MallikaFemale Serial Killer.
Charlesbecause of Charles shobhraj .
DevendraDevendra Sharma serial killer
ReshmaReshma Memon, wife of Tiger Memon
ArchanaArchana Balmukund Sharma- Kidnapper and Extrortion
SeemaSeema Parihar and ex bandit
PhoolanPhoolan devi needs no intro
NaliniKiller of Rajiv Gandhi
MogamboKyonki use khush karna bada mushkil hai
Laxmanbecause BJP president Bangaru Laxman was a convicted corrupt



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