Nationalist man trying really hard to get offended with Tanmay Bhat ‘s Video

Hindustani Alakh , a veteran nationalist , has been staring at Tanmay Bhat ‘s Video on Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar for the past 2 hours .

His aim: To get offended tanmay-bhat-lata-tendulkar

Despite his repeated attempts, he is unable to raise his BP and get offended enough to rally his support behind the nationalist parties.

He understands that he needs to support them and thrash Tanmay Bhat , a small-time Big comedian, but he intends to believe in the cause before jumping in.

I just do not want to fake it, I actually want to be super pissed at Tanmay Bhat but damn him, I am not angry enough. I even laughed a little and felt very guilty about it. I started questioning my nationalism and Tanmay needs to pay for it… Said Hindustani


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