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IQ drop graph

Long meetings make you stupid

Research done by scientists at Indian Mind studies has proved that long meetings are not just boring, but can also dumb you down.They have seen observable drop in IQ levels of subjects attending long meetings. IT sector is the worst hit. See the shocking statastics

IT Guys to rent Ties

IT dudes leaves Software job to start tie rental business

Shambhu Sheralal is a happy man, he along with 2 other friends finally quit his job at infosys to become an enterprenuer . His businesss, helping you to not violate dress code. He rents out ties,pants shirts and anything else you might need to be dress code complaint

Reorganization explaines

How consultancy really happens—a candid interview

with all this restructuring going around in various companies, we go behind the scenes to interact with major consultancy companies who suggest/recommend these reorganizations in the name of reinventing the company. Quiz at the end…Winner gets an exciting prize