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Reorganization explaines

How consultancy really happens—a candid interview

with all this restructuring going around in various companies, we go behind the scenes to interact with major consultancy companies who suggest/recommend these reorganizations in the name of reinventing the company. Quiz at the end…Winner gets an exciting prize

Virginity seller natalie Dylan

Virginity buyer seeks refund

  Some time back a young women Natalie Daylan was in news for offering to sell her virginity on ebay . She considered it  as a simple business deal and reported that ““I think...

Amitabh Bachhan wet his pants

Amitabh Bachhan wet his pants

Its an embarrising tale of Amitabh wetting his pants.
Bachhans Residence released a press statement that it was an old pant and anyways amitabh who had worn it 3 times already was about to throw it away so fans need not worry about Amitabh loosing a loved pant
A cutting satire on Indian Media reporting