Survey reveals most people against FDI did not know its full form

A survey conducted by FarziNews with some farzi politicians, hopeful politicians and many vocal opposers of FDI revealed that most of them did not know the full form of FDI.

About 50% got 1 word right while 20 % got two words right and only 11% actually got the complete thing right.Do you understand FDI

When we inquired why they were against FDI they said that it would be Bad for India or because their leader says so.When we inquired about the implications of FDI some of the statements we received were

1. It will make us the slaves of Americans and we might end up becoming their colony

2.It will kill all Indians

3.All Indians will shut shops and sit at home

4.Everyone will be jobless

5.All money in our bank accounts will be transferred to Americans

6.We will be forced to eat their food

This case is not just with people against FDI but also PRO FDI. Only 66% people who are PRO FDI knew its full form and most had unrealistic expectations such as

1. India will be ridden of poverty by end of this year

2.All people will get high paying Jobs in Wal-Mart

3.Everything will become dirt cheap


This research puts a big question mark on the entire FDI debate.

For the uninitiated ,FDI stands for Foreign debt incentive , in this all companies which have huge debts in US and other countries can freely enter Indian Markets

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