Sunny Deol Celebrates After Mohalla Assi’s Release is stopped by the Court

Sunny Deol is on cloud nine, his recent film Mohalla Assi’s release has been stopped for nothing less than hurting religious sentiments.

Apparently it features and Actor dressed as Shiva using the language that humans use (some abuses etc thrown in) which some sections of society find hurtful. It is an unsaid rule in India that all actors dressed as any God should have a high moral character and speak in perfect language (possibly sanskrit)

But the reason for celebration is not the ban, but a near assurance of a Super Duper Hit after the ban is lifted.

Every film in India that is banned initially due to “hurting religious sentiments” has gone on to become a Super HIT.

Sunny deol hopes that his film would break PKs record since his Shiva is more offensive than PK’s Shiva

The expectation is that the film would gross 200 crores in first week and who knows may have a total collection of over 1000 crores, something that has all the producers very excited

The entire cast and crew of Mohalla Assi profusely thanked Delhi Resident Gulshan Kumar who was offended by the trailer and filed th ecomplaint

Farzinews congratulates the film team for this success in advance


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