ISB Student prepares for wrong paper…still passes

Mr Shyamalan a PGPX student at ISB has achieved a near impossible feat. As per the reports he had his marketing  paper at 9:00 AM and statistics at 4:00 PM and Shyamalan had decided to prepare for statistics in the 3 hour break  between the papers

But as luck would have it, he got confused and the first paper was actually statistics and not Marketing . He reached Indian school of businessthe examination hall totally unprepared and shocked. But as per our reports he actually might just pass this time .

This feat of his has send shivers down the spine of many of his batchmates who now hail him as a genius .

If he can pass without preparing, think what could he do if he prepares

Students have requested ISB authorities to not release any timetable for any papers to Mr Shayaalan as he is too good for papers.They want him to give all papers unprepared. If he studies, it will unfairly drive up the class averages,claim the students

His final results are yet to be released but our unverified reports strongly suggest that he has passed.

Mr Shayamalan plans to highlight this incident during his placements in 2013

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