India to see growth of Startups in Religion


It may come as  no surprise to many that India is currently among the hottest destination for startups.The startup ecosystem is booming and various VCs are looking to fund more and more start-ups with company valuations in Billions.

Most start ups till now have been tech space, but the young industrious of India seems to have found a new potential billion dollar start-up area : Religion and supporting services.

Many startups are coming up which plan to get into areas such as Public speaking for Babas and Gurus, PR marketing for Miracles , Social media trolling , temple maintenance and executive darshan package for affluent customers . Some crazy idea startups are also exploring the area of applying social media analytics to find potential clients/followers/Ghar Vapsi candidates .

Many start-ups are also pushing for marketing various religious places/tours as holiday destinations rather than Holy destinations, some went as far as trying to sell honeymoon packages , which they claim is a very holy tradition.

One of the most exciting ideas being projected is the idea of having a completely new religion where customers decide the codes/ethics, back story , myths and rituals. People would be allowed to change the rules by simply paying a small fees or bidding.This would give people a chance to explore religion without offending or messing up an existing one

Experts claim that if this takes off it could be a billion dollar industry and potentially be extremely successful in India. One expert claimed

This area is currently very unorganized and has a lot of potential for new players . Religion does need disruption and this seems to be a great time. Not to mention the rising popularity of religion in India, making idea a lucrative market

Will this take off? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts?

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  1. anu says:

    Hold on, do we not have these startups already?

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