Sreesanth’s Hair got him place in the team

India surprised everyone by choosing Sreesanth for world cup finals. If you are not aware, Sreesanth was not even  part of original world cup squad,only after Praveen Kumar was ruled out of the world cup ,Sreesanth got a spot. So what was the reason for choosing Sreesanth for the finals.

Here is a quick update…

Well its all about variety,no its not about his bowling but something else. His Hair.

Yes you read it right,his hair. Over the years a lot of teams have implemented various strategies to confuse and unsettle the opposition.

Take for example batting,they always try to keep a left hander right hander combination on crease. Similarly for bowling

For sreenath they decided to go for the physical characteristic. Long hair.

Sreesanths hair gets him world cup berth

With Zaheer Khan with short hair at one end and sreesanth with funny long hair at other end makes an amazing opening bowling pair. The Sri Lankans might be confused and unsettled because of this sudden change in visual. It might not be very visible but theory is that it will effect them at a subconscious level.Their mind will take time to process this information,get distracted and their reaction time might be increased

With teams so well matched,its all about mind games

India is sure trying everything they can to beat Srilanka…will this strategy work!!!


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