Spiderman to setup base in Bangalore.

Peter Parker, the renown undercover super hero, announced in a press conference in New York this morning that he will be setting up base in Bangalore. The exact circumstance of the move is unknown.Bangalored Spiderman

Spiderman has been under tough competition in the recent past with the advent of several super heroes , including the Avengers, who inexplicably have chosen New York as their homes. Over the past month, there have been 3 separate spottings of superheroes fighting amongst each other to determine who was the first responder and who gets credit for fighting the crime. Unconfirmed reports even indicate that the incredible hulk ended up smashing the IronMan in a street rage while Spiderman narrowly escaped the incident.

When asked – “Why Bangalore?” he sheepishly smiled and said “ because of its ‘Web’ development talent”.  But behind the grin, it is believed that the real motive  might be the growing crime rate in the city. He can leverage the first mover’s advantage and establish a Monopoly.

Experts had predicted in 2011 that the national capital New Delhi or the entertainment capital Mumbai would be the cities of choice. Both these cities have a great potential for crime fighting, but in the recent past,  criminals have been repeatedly proven to be “minors”.  This posed a great challenge as it completely confused the hell out of Spiderman forcing him to go for a safer option.

Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat Sri Narendra Modi did try to persuade him to come to Ahmedabad. He even offered to name a street after him:  “Makkad Maanus Maarg” .

“This was almost an offer I could not refuse. I gave it a serious thought but I had to let it go. Largely due to the the diminishing crime rate and due to the existing ban on alcohol”.

On the other hand, Bangalore, the Pub capital of India, fares better in both these criteria.

It is speculated that another factor influencing his choice of city is the construction boom in Bangalore. Several high rises spanning across the city has made Bangalore a “Spiderman Compatible” city. To remind our uninitiated readers, Spiderman rejoices high rises that lets him ‘express’ himself and fight crime. The advent of ‘Namma Metro’ also allows Spiderman to experiment with stopping speeding trains. Besides, Peter could take advantage of the falling rupee value and lead a sumptuous lifestyle in Bangalore.

The locals have expressed mixed feelings about this move. On one hand, there is a lot of excitement about having a superhero in town with a possibility of him building a team here – hiring and training local talent. This could be a boom to the local economy. The reduction in crime rate is anticipated with excitement. On the other hand, some have expressed concerns about who shall be cleaning the webs after the Spiderman is done swinging over the buildings.  It remains to be seen whose speculations carry more weight.


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