Software Testing team wastes 3 months testing on the wrong server

Cubicles in software companiesGoof ups and typo errors are common place in IT industry but this has to be a mother of all goofups. Recently a team of 15 testers in the Software Testing team wasted 3 months testing on the wrong server .

This incident happened with a leading Indian IT Company(Name with held) based out of Bangalore working for a US based client.

The company had a team of 3 developers and 15 testers working on a extranet portal . As soon as development work was finished the development team was supposed to deploy the solution on a test environment and hand it over to the testing team but as luck would have it,the overworked developer accidentally sent his own development box URL to the testing team.

No member of testing team was able to spot the error and ,it was only when no Bug was reported in a three-month that the test lead got suspicious and started investigating and sending out emails to higher management raising a red flag.

Every testing needs to come up with some bug,but strangely we coudnt find even 1 actual or fake bug also.This is highly unnatural.

It was only later that they realised that they were actually testing on the developers machine where everything worked.

The team lost 3 months and around $200,000 which  would be born by the Company.

But every cloud has its silver lining and this one also had one,Quoting one of the developer

 Whenever testing team reported a bug ,I told them that” it works on my machine” ,they never believed it but now they have to.They coudnt find a single bug in three months

The company restarted Software testing on the testing server and as expected found various severity 1 bugs on day one itself .Everyone heaved a sigh of relief on hearing this news as it symbolized return to normalcy


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  1. Bhavik Shah says:

    Since it 'always works' on developer's machine, u could sell that computer box also along with the application.

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