Software jobs to be termed as hazardous jobs

Chandigarh: Indian HRD ministry is considering a proposal to label Software jobs in companies without Facebook access as Hazardous. The proposal states that with most Software engineers having a compulsive need to check facebook wall,likes and pokes, have serious mental issues when denied access to facebook.

They compared Facebook addiction to smoking, any software engineer is usually a facebook addict and denying their hourly dose can lead to severe complication such as disillusionment ,tiredness,lack of concentration and My computereven sucidal tendencies in worst cases.

Marking these jobs as hazardous would mean the employers will need to take additional precautions for all employees such as

  • Wage rates will go up by 20%
  • overtime would be limited to not more than 20 hrs per week
  • A doctor specializing in addiction will be present in case any employee suffers an attack. In this case a cyber cafe with Facebook access would suffice
  • Health insurance costs will go up and employers need to take them up
  • No employee will be required to work in a shift more than 12 hours at a stretch

All these will incur huge costs ,all IT companies such as TCS,WIPRO,Infosys and HCL  are opposing it.



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