Social Activist Finds Rajma Chawal linked to Autism


After claiming  that Autism is caused by  Vaccination , Social activist Bharmputri K , working with a leading national NGO , has claimed that the delicacy Rajma Chawal is also  linked to Austism in children. She claims to have data to back her findings.

Bhramputri says that she was very worried on seeing the rising  cases of autism in the country and even though she does not have a medical degree(she is an arts major) she decided to find the root cause of this epidemic .

rajma CHawal causes autism

Equipped with donation raised by her NGO to fight autism, she went on an all India tour and visited numerous Autistic Children . She interviewed them and their parents to identify the patterns and commonalities . When she asked the parents of autistic children to name the child’s  favorite food dish , most people could not pin point a single one, but when she prodded that “was it Rajma Chawal ?” almost all people said YES.

Bharmputri said that the results could not have been more clearer, Eating Rajma Chawal clearly is causing autism among children. She claims that the government probably knew about this but was hiding it for the fear of offending the rajma chawal corporations and farming unions .

She plans to start an agitation to ban Rajma chawal being served anywhere in the country . A protest is being organized at Charminar on 15th august by her NGO where she will also be holding a Book signing event for her newly released book (MRP 200 only) on autism and rajma chawal .

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  1. August 24, 2014

    […] are enough people who can fall for stories such as Lie detectors not working on Consultants , or Rajma Chawal can be linked to Autism or that Arnab Goswami is creating enough noise pollution to kill birds and people might actually […]

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