Snowden Seeks Asylum from India-Indians Confused WHY?

After Snowden, NSA whistleblower, sought Asylum from India, most Indians had their head spinning, questioning the entire rationale of Snowden’s decision. Many claim that he has gone mad.snowden in India

We did a quick survey to check if Indian’s think Snowden should be given Asylum or not, but it seems everyone interviewed seemed to first question the choice of India itself.

Here are some of the comments we got

You are running away from America and you want INDIA To protect you.? hahahahaha? ~Suman, from delhi


Pakistan might be a better option, change your name maybe ~Ram Prasad, Patna


We don’t let OUR  people live peacefully, you think we will let you live? ~Jaisingh, Jasola


haha Dude you are running away from US claiming they violate your privacy and maybe curtail your freedom of speech and want to come to a country that once said “Every Facebook post should be approved” ~Fatema , Varanasi

Snowden is not the first one to try this, even WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that he had hoped that India would give him Asylum, again something no one understands why.

Some theories that explain this strange phenomenon are

  • They like India Women,
  • They think that they can get lost in a billion people, and forget US, even Indian authorities cannot find them
  • Looking at the nature of web security in Indian babudom run departments(remember CBSE results hacked?), they already know all the national secrets and know that we are not really going to do anything
  • They are just kidding us, humoring themselves in the process

What do you think?

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