Despite millions of 1 stars to Snapchat and Snapdeal, Indian GDP still low- Research

Indians can do whatever they set their mind to, be it getting US citizenship and joining NASA and Silicon Valley (A name taken from India BTW), or writing the best national anthem ever (Declared BY UN).

One of the key qualities of Indian’s is the ability to UNITE(unless you are of different cast or religion)  for a common cause and achieve the impossible, but it seems that we may have failed this time.

Snapdeal’s  Snapchat’s CEO  called us a poor country and we decided to hit back. We downloaded their app and rated it one star. Millions of us joined the chorus but sadly we failed.

  • The Indian GDP did not become more than US yesterday
  • People still went hungry to bed
  • Our Income disparity did not reduce
  • UN did not declare us as the richest country in the world
  • Snapdeal did not go bankrupt, or did they?

Overall, despite such exemplary show of Unity, India is still a Poor country. Guys we need to do more

Here are things we suggest

  • Snapchat’s CEO is married to Miranda, let us boycott her drink #DownWithMiranda 
  • Download the snapchat’s App Again and rate it again…keep doing it like 100 times each. Take one for the team. Each one rate 100 times
  •  Support Facebook which is building a snapchat rival called facebook, by learning the feature on snapchat app and using it on facebook
  • Do a Snapchat Vinashak Havan — In an isolated sealed room. The pavitra smoke should not leave the room. Keep the havan on until snapchat is dead or acquired by flipkart
  • Destroy their platform by uploading  videos of you doing weird things  (Eg: Hitting yourself in the balls) , make sure snapchat’s content quality drops

Come on guys, we can do this …

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