Smriti Irani: No minimum Qualifications necessary to become a Teacher or a Professor

May 28- Delhi

In her very first order as HRD minister, Smriti Irani has removed the minimum education qualification required for becoming a teacher , lecturer or a professor.Smriti Irani HRD

The HRD ministry said that it has realized over the years that , it is not the education but the passion and dedication that matters.
In the new system , any person who wants to teach but does not possess the minimum educational qualification , can display his/her skills in other areas such as public speaking, debates , politics and become a teacher . This rule would also be applicable to teachers at all levels across the board.

The ministry has also done away with NET exams which were put in place to ensure minimum standards for people becoming college lecturers .The ministry said that it unfairly favored people who went to college.

HRD ministry further stated that this would help the country overcome the extreme shortage of teachers and educate millions of Indians.This decision was lauded by all party functionaries.

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