NGO writes to PM Modi to Prevent Shiv Dying in Balika Vadhu

TV Serial Sanity Samaj (TSSS) has started an online petition and written to Prime minister Modi to prevent the directors of Balika Vadhu from Killing Shiv in Balika Vadhu.

There is a recent news that in future episode Shiv dies in balika vadhu , and the serial Shiv Dies in Balika Vadhuwould now revolve around Anandi dealing with the death of Shiv.

This news has caused widespread panic among people who do not like change . Many women have complained that this would disrupt their daily routine and has already drawn multiple women towards depression.

Some men who also follow the show have reportedly resigned from life and have had suicidal tendencies .

Shiv they say was a pivotal part of their life , the tele serial cannot be the same after his death. They claim that Balika Vadhu also is a great educational serial that teaches them about values and how to live life and with Shiv’s death in Balika Vadhu, it would lose all it’s charm and grip on the audience.

Looking at the educational nature of the content and the depression among a great section of society that does not like any change from routine, the NGO has suggested that a permanent Ban be imposed on removing any character from Balika Vadhu forever .

Should Shiv Die in Balika Vadhu? , Comment Below or tweet at #SaveShiv

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  1. Neelima says:

    Kindly get back shiv character as it encourages all women and men how to respect others and understand others

  1. January 22, 2015

    […] Shiv Dies in Balika Vadhu : NGO writes to PM Modi to prevent that […]

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