Indian News channel planning to Air “Sheena Bora Zinda hai” special report on #SheenaBoramurder

A leading indian news channel is planning to air a special report on  #SheenaBoramurder case by claiming that Sheena Bora zinda hai…Sheena Bora is alive.

How exactly will they achieve this impossible feat is still unclear , but some rumours are

  • They would find someone named sheena bora so that technically they are correct. It would be revealed at the very end of the report that they were talking about some other sheena bora who works as a customer service agent in a call centre . This is similar to the disruptive “Aarushi Zinda hai” story aired during the investigation
  • Get an astrologer to read sheena bora’s kudali and claim that as per astrology sheena bora should live to be 90. Astrology > Science hence she is alive
  • Get a psychic to decree that sheena is not among the spirits
  • Sheena Bora hamare dilon mein zinda hai…Sheena Bora’s memories are still alive

The nation awaits this “historic report” anxiously


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