Sharukh Khans tax troubles

Sharukh khan is caught up in Tax troubles with IT department. It seems the issue is with one deduction he has claimed.Sharukh khan has shown 3 crore which he used to buy awards at various award ceremonies as expense towards marketing and promotion.IT department claims that since all awards are not sold officially ,he cannot claim it as

Sharukh Khan tax troubles

Sharukh khan tax troubles

expense.On the contrary sharukh claims that awards are important to  make his films work. He needs to constantly spend on them to keep up his rappo and since his investment is a direct result for need of good PR and a tool for promotion,he can claim it as expense.Also he is not doing anything illegal,”its like WWE where everyone knows the fights are fixed and fighters get money to win and loose”

the matter is pending in court…Lets wait and watch

@Readers: If this turns out to be true…not the tax part but fixed awards part…not just you ,even we would be shocked…..though somehow we suspect its true;)@sharukh: Love your movies though

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