Saurav Ganguly—More profitable when out than IN

Saurav ganguly it seems is more profitable to the teams outside the team rather than inside.
Betting and cricket go hand in hand,everything from who will play to who will ball the first over is bet upon. This betting

Saurav Ganguly, the tiger of bengal

Why Saurav Ganguly was not picked for IPL

has not spared eve IPL selections. As per our totally non reliable sources(totally means totally and absolutely) there was a huge betting angle to Saurav ganguly’s selection. Odds of him not getting selected were thin but still fair enough,this led to a huge betting for him not getting selected. It seems one of the Big underworld don Bet heavily on Dada not getting selected.  It is his bet that influenced the entire selection scene. He paid every team in IPL to not pick DADA and where payments didn’t work he threatened them Bhai style. Now who could refuse The Don.All Franchise got paid to not pick an aging but popular cricketer who had just doubled his price ,how much better could it get.
Once bhai got all his money and moved out, the betters paid the Pune team to pick saurav , as per our sources(again the non reliable ones) they paid the entire auction amount.Though they lost on the bet “Will saurian gangly be picked in auction”They won the bet “Will Saurav gangly play in IPL this year”Just play of words and the fate altered. Bhai was intelligent and bet on first ,but poor guys who bet on latter Lost.
So now you know…..
@Bhai: To all bhais and Dons…Please don’t kill us…we are just kidding 🙂
@general public: We take no responsibility of accuracy of any content on this site,all news is fictions and any resemblance to reality would not only be unintentional but also shockingly surprising to us

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