All satire news sites shutting down after Sonia Gandhi Recommended for Nobel Peace prize

Recommendation of Sonia Gandhi’s name for Nobel Peace Prize has been hard on satire and fake news sites such as farzi news, faking news and The Unreal Times.

It was already very difficult to create fake news as the real news was surpassing the imagination of the whackiest ones, recommendation of her name has left us all bewildered ,confused and shocked.

In a public message , our founder said:

The lines between real and fake news were already blurry, now we feel they have been wiped off. Anything hence, can never match up to this absurdity  and hence we posses no moral authority to continue as a satire news site

To take toll of the situation , several satire news sites had urgent meetings to decided the next course of action.

For public disclosure we are putting a transcript of our chat with Faking News and The Unreal Times.

Some are planning to shut down while some are changing course. Most of us now might move towards being called  Real News sites and not Satire news. Rest assured the quality and wackiness of the articles will remain same. It will be written by same authors and without any truth(We will try) ,but we shall no longer be termed as satire news. We will be mainstream news.

Farzi News Thanks all it’s readers for all their support

PS: For people who think we are dooming ourself by naming our competitors, just remember there is no competition anymore. Satire news as we knew no longer exists

Satire news sites such as faking news and The unreal times in India shut down after sonia gandhi nominated for peace prize


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