Salman And Sharukh Hug helps couples sort differences: IIM A survey report

For Srishti and Jai , it was all over. Their 5 year old marriage was in peril and they were about to be divorced until they received a “Please fill my survey” request from their friend in IIM Ahmedabad . The survey wanted to gauge their feelings after knowing that Salman and Sharukh had patched up and hugged each other.

This made them think, If Salman and Sharukh could do it, can they not? They decided to give it another try, and viola in next 3 days they were laughing in each others company. This is not an exclusive incident

IIM Ahembedabad students have conducted a nationwide survey to gauge the change in perception of the country after this humungous meet and have found that even though people claim to not care, they actually are very happy from the inside. This event  has spread a cheer across the nation,ex  lovers are giving their relationship another chance, friends are getting back together and divorce rates have already gone down.

IIM A representatives said that there is a very strong correlation of a happy mood and the even oSalman Sharukh Hugf hugging. They even analysed the twitter sentiments to verify their findings.

IIM A students further claim that if they extrapolate this result , very soon India Pakistan relations should start improving, border disputes with china may be resolved and Telangana movement might reach a logical end, all because of that one HUG.


So the Nay sayers , making fun of this news should just SHUTUP, it WAS a big deal.

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