RSS Asks Asthma patients to cease breathing for a day to accommodate for diwali

Every year during Diwali a lot of Asthma patients suffer Asthma attacks and other breathing problems due to firecracker pollution.

This causes loads of inconvenience to them and also others who are forced to listen to their rants and requests to not burst firecrackers.

Looking at this RSS has preemptively asked asthma patients to cease breathing for a day for everyone’s happiness

No one is forcing them to breathe the polluting air , if they don’t like it they can simply not take it in. Why should we accommodate our traditions for them? -Said  a RSS mouthpiece

When asked to respond to the physical impossibility of the demand RSS replied that

We are time and again asked to ignore if we do not like people eating beef. We are asked to be tolerant, why are you not tolerant of our beliefs ?This is hypocrisy

Many asthma patients are still grappling with “How to react to this” , much to the delight of RSS as for the first time they have made the sikulars speechless

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